ERIFO and its leading staff bring more than 15 years of experience in the lifelong learning sector in ltaly and Europe, and lt has extensive portfolio of project work in relation to research, employment services, quality assurance, evaluation and EU transnational projects’ management.

ERIFO’s mission is to contribute to the reinforcement of VET
system at local, national and European level to ensure the development of human capital
and to respond to the ever-growing needs and demands of the labour market.

i.i.s. sarandì

The school Sarandì – that is articulated in two venues of “F. Cesi” and “Sisto V” – is characterized by two different types of curricula – one is the Professional Institute and the other one is the Artistic Lyceum. The net of relations that the school has built in recent time with other schools, bodies, private sector, cultural associations based in the same territory, has contributed to give an external image of an active vanguard school.

This is confirmed by the increasing number of inscriptions: in the school year 2012-2013 there were 535 units, this year the inscriptions are 665 students. This is also because Equality, Impartiality, Continuity, Reception and Integration, Participation are the core principles of the Sarandì School.

fondazione mondo digitale

Fondazione Mondo Digitale is a private-law body with non profit legal personality.

The Foundation has been founded in 2001 through a public-private partnership between the Municipality of Rome and 6 large ICT companies. FMD has built an extensive network among schools and runs different national and transnational projects collaborating with a vast spectrum of organisations: universities, companies, foundations, associations and communities, as well as local, regional and national authorities.

It counts on a multi-skilled and multilingual staff experienced in both EU project management and high-level communication and dissemination activities.


The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centers (CECE) is a non-profit employers´ and professional organization founded in 1977.

It represents a wide educational sector in Spain from nursery school to university level. It has more than 2.000 Education and training centers among its members.

CECE institutional roles are: the management of updating for educational agreements; the negotiation of the collective agreements for this sector; the representation of this sector in
the collegiate boards with educational participation; institutional presence in the Spanish Employers Organization (CEOE) and in some international organizations in which it takes an active role as well as the relationship and contacts with Education Public Authorities.

las chapas

Colegio Las Chapas is part of Attendis, sharing with it missions and the carrying out of activities and projects.

In fact Attendis is an educational institution which counts with 21 schools in the regions of Andalucía and Extremadura . Its schools stand up for the leading role of the family in the education, the personalized assistance, the quest for the academic excellence and the transmission of the human and Christian values to its students, such as solidarity, hardworking, generosity, community service, search for the truth and freedom.
Part of the Attendis project seeks to educate its students for the digital competence.
Teaching them to use the new technologies, not only as an entertaining or communicating mean, but also as a source of knowledge, training and an educational tool. community.

regional directorate of primary and secondary education of crete

Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in Crete, is a large educational organization in Greece which is responsible for schools and teachers in four Prefectures, Heraklion, Rethimnon Chania and Lasithi. It is in charge of 1100 schools of both levels of education.

The main task of Regional Directorate is to co-ordinate, supplement, back up and implement the educational policies of the Ministry, along with supervising the implementation of various education projects, like European projects, in schools.


4th Vocational School (Evening) of Heraklion serves consequently technique vocational education for the last thirty (30) years. Totally, more than 3.500 students have graduated from our school. The 4th Vocational High School (Evening) of Heraklion operates the following seven (7) sectors:

1. Computer Science
2. Economical & administrative services (including tourism administration)
3. Health & Providence
4. Mechanical Engineering
5. Vehicle
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Structural Projects


BEST CYBERNETICS was founded in 2009 as a private owned Software, Consulting and Training company. With headquarters in Patra, Best Cybernetics has developed business activities covering the whole Greece and has developed a significant partner network and a large customer base by investing in long-term relationships of trust and reliability.

The vision of Best Cybernetics is the facilitation of all the necessary preconditions required for the creation of an environment that will cultivate entrepreneurship and subsequently, social and economic cohesion and development.

In order to meet this end, we invest in innovation and aim to offer custom-made, realistic solutions to individuals and enterprises in order to strengthen business culture and provide viable solutions to problems and challenges.


The Transportation Vocational High School is the only educational organization in Prahova county, Romania, which provides education specializing students in the transportation domain.

Within the context of a continuously changing contemporary society, our organization has set as a priority the need of raising our students’ awareness of the importance of education and personal development amongst youngsters.

Last but not least, our students have to be motivated in order to be actively involved in the educational process and the development of an effective partnership between school, family and community.

Our main goal is to prepare and train students in order to become specialists / professionists in the transportation domain (carrying on our school tradition ), in accordance with the community needs and the individual / group particularities of our students.