A) The Digital classes and how to use technology in the personalization of learning

IIS F. Caffè – Roma
C. Marchesano
E. Perucca

Use of web resources and video
lessons for students having
difficulties to take part to classes
IC A. Rosmini- Roma
M. Di Seri
Using digital devices to foster
peer-education practices
IIS Sarandì – Roma
S. Zaccagnini
M. Gianiorio
M. Biasion

Research through digital devices
over the main theme of the
project: human flight

B) The approach of challenge based learning in upper secondary schools and its impact on curricula and on the involvement of students and parents

L.S.S. Mancini – Avellino
I. Veronesi

Participating to a competition
between schools on collecting
data on the origins of the universe
ISIS C. Facchinetti – Castellanza
L. Pagani

Using robotics to increase groupworking and problem solving abilities

C) Experiences of personalization of learning through visual learning

IC R.Levi Montalcini – Roma
C. Mancini

Using advanced technologies to
foster the involvement of students with
learning difficulties

D) The construction of new digital competencies related to the work place and its impact on curricula

IC G. Marconi – Castelfranco Emilia
A. D’Oria

Teaching students to perform
surveys and interviews in companies, doing data
analysis through digital devices