An online course, open and free, addressed to teachers and
trainers, that will develop some topic themes of TALIS and applicable to the management of a digital class. The course will foresee the experimentation of a multimedia approach, managed with the Flipped Classroom methodology.

In particular, the CAnVASS+ course, starting from the research developed in the precedent IO, will transform the contents of the study in didactic materials. CAnVASS+ course intends to transfer to teachers and tutors the techniques, knowledge and strategies to use technology as a stimulus and an instrument to facilitate the active learning, based on the resolution of problems, student-centred, and able to stimulate critical thinking.

CAnVASS+ MOOC will develop a course on the following topics:

a) the management of the digital classes: from ICT to social media;

b) the Challenge Based Learning approach to make the curricula more attractive and
interactive for teachers, trainers, students and parents and more performing for the job

c) the personalization of knowledge through the visual learning; d) the building of new digital competencies related to the work places. The MOOC, in addition to guarantee the continuous training of the school staff, using the CAnVASS+, will promote the use of the software among teachers and trainers in Europe.