Canvass+ Research

CAnVASS+ research is a report on best practices for the integration of technology into traditional didactics.

With this objective, this e-book identifies a series of successful experiences in the countries of the partnership (Italy, Romania, Greece and Spain), analyzing them and trying to understand which contribution they could bring to the development of digital innovation in schools.

The partnership has identified 35 good cases, interviewed their implementing operators and tried to build up a pathway for the exportation of their most interesting and fascinating features.

The interviews have been realized through a phenomenographic methodology, a qualitative research approach used to map the different ways in which people perceive, conceptualize and understand a specific experience (in our case digital/alternative classes).
The practices have been divided and classified according to their impact on the four following thematic areas:
a) the digital classes and how to use technology in the personalization of learning;
b) the approach of Challenge Based Learning in Upper Secondary Schools and its impact on curricula and on the involvement of students and parents;
c) experiences of personalization of learning through visual learning;

d) the construction of new digital competencies related to the work place and its impact on curricula.

The final purpose of CANVASS+ Research is not just to provide a solid basis for the realization of the project outputs, but also to foster the creation of a transnational network, composed both by those who are more active in innovating education through technology and those who are interested in understanding more on how digital devices, software and platforms could shape the school of the future.



Good Practices