A) The Digital classes and how to use technology in the personalization of learning

Gouves High School – Crete
E. Geourgoulakis

Use of internet resources in classes for learning the importance of knowing more on blood types and importance of transfusion
2nd Voc School of Rethymno – Crete
G. Astrinaki

Providing students opportunities
for exercising language through

B) The approach of challenge based learning in upper secondary schools and its impact on curricula and on the involvement of students and parents

2nd HS of Agios Nikolaos – Crete
S. Vasilakis

Creation of animated video stories for expressing emotions in class, pushing students to create
a scenario from scratch under pressure
Lyceum of Vamos – Crete
O. Karadaki

Web application and collaborative writing in teams, with the objective of producing a
collective text

C) Experiences of personalization of learning through visual learning

HS Agioi Deka – Crete
I. Fragkiadakis
K. Abatzi

Development of students’ skills in
collecting information through
audio and video sources
1st Voc. School Agios Nikolaos – Crete
N. Bekiaris

Motivating students in making their own short films to talk about global issues

D) The construction of new digital competencies related to the work place and its impact on curricula

1st Gen. Lyc of Rethymno – Crete
A. Droubogianni
Promoting a more critical use of web sources to develop a community of practice and
new educational assignments
5th Gen. Lyc of Heraklion – Crete
S. Papadakis
Creating new strategies for introducing students to programming courses